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Can i rent out my flat to someone else?

I have been admitted to a medical school in north of Sweden. This education takes one year before graduation.
Is it possible to rent out my flat to someone else this period of time?


  • Hello there Sarah,

    Congratiolations on being admitted for medical school
    Yes you can, if the landlord approves this. Reasons for subletting can be,
    for example, that you are going to study or work in another town,
    or that you would like to try living together with someone. 

    If you sublet your flat without having obtained the approval of your landlord, you can be evicted.

    Keep in mind that, as the primary tenant, you are responsible for the rent being paid and for the neighbours not being disturbed, even if someone else is living in your flat.

    Have a nice day and good luck with your education!
    Best regards
    Elin Lundqvist Förvaltningsadministratör
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